Members will have the opportunity to participate in internal openings and the possibility of being selected for local and international events, exhibitions and art fairs.



Membership is open to adults of all skill levels. From the virgin screen printer to the hardened expert printer. We only ask that if you have not screen printed before or if you have not screen printed in the last 6 months you register for one of our initiation workshops. The workshops can be booked in our online shop.

  • Studio membership is available for 1-month or 6-month periods and begins on the 1st of each month.
  • Members can book 3 screen printing sessions per week. Slots are shared in a calendar managed by us and shared among members.
    It is imperative that before being alone in the studio you are sure of the entire screen printing process and the operation of our studio. For this reason, at the start of the membership, you must complete at least 3 sessions while a technician is present in the studio. This way we ensure a safe and sound environment in which we can all print. and it also maximizes your productive time in the studio because we’ll be there to answer your questions and guide you if needed. These sessions are to be specified by email once you have paid for the membership.
  • A session is made up of 3 hours of reserved time on the printing table. All preparation, and washing of screens can be done outside of your three-hour session.

We are artists and we want our community to be flexible and welcoming. Obviously if you have exhausted your sessions and we still have availability in the studio, we invite you to come and print at no additional cost.